Our Services

iZone Corp’s talented group of planners and community leaders experts pull from a wide background of skills to serve our clients and to benefit the communities we work with. Izone Corp’s staff is experienced and trained in a diverse and comprehensive skill set that, when combined together, has helped to build one of the most unique urban planning firms in the industry. This page serves as a glossary that compiles all the many ways izone can build success for the clients and communities we work with.

GIS Analysis

iZone uses the powerful capabilities of GIS analysis to inform clients on geospatial information at all stages of a project beginning with existing conditions through implementation.  

Logo Design

iZone assists clients to design and create a logo of their city, community, neighborhood, and subdivision. iZone engages with both the client and the community to ensure the design captures both the current and future values of the neighborhood. 


Opinion Surveys

Surveys created and deployed by iZone have ranged based on the client’s needs and wants. These surveys include door-to-door questionnaires, online questionnaires, and public meeting questionnaires. We use traditional and non-traditional methods from public meetings, focus groups, and open houses to web surveys and social media to share information and make sure all affected groups have a say in a forum that works for them. 


Public-Private partnerships

We specialize in connecting public and private entities to form beneficial relationships to help move projects forward. These entities frequently involve organizations across a wide array of disciplines and backgrounds including non-profit, philanthropic, for-profit, and governmental organizations.


Stakeholder Focus Groups

Stakeholder groups represent both the public and private sides of the community. iZone uses these focus groups to understand the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as well as to verify existing conditions.


 Suitability Analysis

Using powerful GIS tools and techniques, iZone provides site selection analysis where multiple weighted criteria are combined to find which locations are most suitable for a certain kind of development.

Neighborhood Revitalization: 

At focus, our renovation goal is to appreciate rebuilding, restoring fully, and remodeling an old or historic home and alteration of old or historic houses. We hope to provide 21st-century technology upgrades for these homes, which will reduce water heating and cooling, reduce water and heat costs by up to 10%, and other energy costs, making it affordable for homeowners of ethnic minorities.


 Transportation Planning 

We’re passionate about producing innovative and financially responsible mobility solutions to support a community’s needs for safe, affordable, and convenient transportation choices. We use every tool at our disposal to meet our clients’ needs. Advanced modeling software allows us to forecast travel demand, traffic flow, and ridership while creating a visual story for stakeholder communication––this collaboration helps find the alternative that best suits the project goals.


 Community Outreach

Community engagement is one of our favorite parts of planning. We offer outreach services to keep stakeholders involved and informed, and to maximize the number of people who can take advantage of the opportunities our projects open up within communities. 


Somali translation services

iZone Corp specializes in providing high-quality and accurate Somali translations. We produce consistent results. Whether you are in St. Paul, Minneapolis, or any other Minnesota city, we can provide the assistance you are seeking in translating to and from Somali. iZone Corp only employs skilled, experienced, and professional Somali translators. We are eager to work with you! 


Video Production

Great storytelling doesn’t end with the shoot! Some of our clients need entire videos produced – from concept through completion. iZone Corp can handle all of your video marketing needs – from design & scripting through shooting and editing. We bring a lot of experience in video production right to your organization’s doorstep by creating powerful, award-winning marketing videos that deliver results!