Meet our Advisory Board

Tarek Smith- has worked in all areas of real estate, commercial real estate, including business. She has vast experience in both the public and private sectors, including management, operations, leasing and marketing, business development, and client relations.

Education: Columbia University   

Hodan Mohamed works with Coldwell Banker Realty as a real estate agent. She has worked in real estate, including business. She founded her real estate consulting and transportation development firm called Amaano Transportation, LLC in 2021, where she provided real estate and transportation strategies for clients mainly in Minnesota.

John Beatty- is an esteemed real estate developer in the New York City metropolitan area. He brings over four decades of experience and relationships developing many prominent office buildings, hotels, multi-family residential buildings, parking facilities, and retail projects.

Education: University of California

Ashley Johnson worked with the audit group of Aprio, LLC for four years. She gained experience organizing, conducting, and supervising audits of a wide variety of clients across a range of industries and sizes. She has specific experience serving clients in the real estate industry and investment partnerships.

Education: Georgetown University                                                              


Salman Fiqy, an entrepreneur who’s involved in construction, logistics and accounting. He is a husband and a father of two. His hobbies are soccer and books. 

Education: Minnesota State University, Mankato 


Samantha Brown-represented large office and industrial space users in a wide array of real estate transactions: Samantha has built a solid foundation for corporate clients through her tenant advisory services. Her specific areas of expertise include strategic planning, space utilization, transaction management.

Education: University of Kansas

Shukre Mohamed – an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, previously worked in a busy law firm, Garane & Somane, under the immediate Supervisor-graduated from Harvard School of Law. She also worked closely with the former Chairman of Kenya’s Electoral Body and a former Commissioner of the Afghanistan Electoral Body.
She has experience in various areas of law, including but not limited to International Trade, Investment Law, Dispute law, electoral laws, corporate governance, and international law.

She is presently working on a clean energy solution to reduce the high mortality rates due to carbon emissions. In this process, she handles all the legal due diligence, gives legal advice to the directors whenever necessary, negotiates, and drafts all the contractual documentation required.

Working as a house Counsel exposes her to different areas of law. She recently registered a Trade Mark for one of her clients: Company that offers online cashless revenue collection for Governments, the DRC Government in Kwilu County, is in the process of acquiring this software for purposes of revenue collection.

Babacar Diene- worked at a private investment firm to pool capital from several investors and use an aggressive investing approach to generate high financial gains. He has experience overseeing client portfolios and tracking growth in the stock market: he managed portfolios like mutual funds to minimize threats and maximize returns. He is also involved in “hedging,” which refers to trading different stocks and bonds based on market performance to offset the fund’s risks.

Education: New York University