Our Services
Neighborhood Revitalization 

While investing in homes and communities across Minneapolis’s city remains at the core of what we do, we cannot transform Minneapolis neighborhoods through revitalization alone. We reinforce partnerships with local governments and non-profit organizations to benefit our communities and the city of Minneapolis.

The iZone Corp makes the city’s residential areas better places to live, work, learn and play by transforming vacant bank-owned and city-owned properties into fully renovated, ready to move for minority families looking to buy in Minneapolis.

At focus, our renovation goal is to appreciate rebuilding, restoring fully, and remodeling an old or historic home and alteration of old or historic houses. We hope to provide 21st-century technology upgrades for these homes, which will reduce water heating and cooling, reduce water and heat costs by up to 10%, and other energy costs, making it affordable for homeowners of ethnic minorities.


Transportation Planning 

Complete solutions for safe multi-modal travel

We’re passionate about producing innovative and financially responsible mobility solutions to support a community’s needs for safe, affordable, and convenient transportation choices. From walking to biking to transit and all modes in between, our team focuses on creating solutions for people and not vehicles. This approach’s benefits include more than just reductions in downtown congestion—it makes more fair, accessible, and inviting conditions for improved or new land uses.

We use every tool at our disposal to meet our clients’ needs. Advanced modeling software allows us to forecast travel demand, traffic flow, and ridership while creating a visual story for stakeholder communication––this collaboration helps find the alternative that best suits the project goals.

Economic Development

We understand that improving the quality of life requires an understanding and planning for the economic forces that shape our environment.

Our economic development specialists create policies and strategies that help boost business attraction and retention, and they build the foundation for continued economic prosperity in our communities.


Immigration Resources
Preparing an entire immigration application is complex and you could face potential issues and major errors that could cost you thousands of dollars and even long delays or rejection in your process. We are here to help you with our experiences- to take the complexity out of your filing and application process and at a very affordable rate.
Naturalization/Citizenship Applications N-400/N-600
Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions (if you qualify) N-648
Adjustment (green card) applications form I-485& other forms in support of it. I-485
Green card renewal (form I-90 Electronically) I-90
G-325Forms (biographic information)
DV-Lottery Application
Employment Authorization Card I-765 Family-Based Immigration Applications- I-130 form K3/K4 non-immigrant visas I-130, K3/K4
Fiancé(e) and Spouse Visas I-129/K1
Asylum Case Varies
Appeals & EOIRS Varies
All Affidavits of (Marriage, Divorce, Identity) Varies
Fee waiver applications Varies
Expedited USA passport Varies
Address Change with USCIS (AR-11) AR-11
Tourist Visa Invitation B1/B2 B1/B2
Passport Photo Available PR
National Visa Center form DS-230 DS-230
Choice of Agent DS-3032
Affidavit of Support I-864
Community Outreach

Community engagement is one of our favorite parts of planning. From administering online surveys via social media to hosting large community workshops, we’re on the cusp of creative practices and methods to capture a truly representative cross-section of stakeholder comments. We especially enjoy getting young people involved in the planning process.

We use traditional and non-traditional methods from public meetings, focus groups, and open houses to web surveys and social media to share information and make sure all affected groups have a say in a forum that works for them.

Somali translation services: 

High-Quality Somali Translation Services for MN Businesses
iZone Corp specializes in providing high-quality and accurate Somali translations. We produce consistent results. Whether you are in St. Paul, Minneapolis, or any other Minnesota city, we can provide the assistance you are seeking in translating to and from Somali.

Request Your Somali Translation Services or Interpreting Quote
Please contact our iZone Corp company today to learn the full range of ways to help you with all of your Somali translation needs. iZone Corp only employs skilled, experienced, and professional Somali translators. We are eager to work with you!

Forms Assistance

The ability to thoroughly and accurately complete forms is essential for the successful and timely access of government benefit programs. The literacy skills required to navigate complex forms and applications successfully are beyond many people’s abilities.

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, Food stamp applications, applications for Health Insurance Program, and FAFSA (the application for federal aid to attend college) are just a few examples of other types of forms that many people need help in completing.

The iZone Corp staff are ready to help individuals understand and appropriately respond to questions on forms. Bilingual (Somali language) staff members are available to help people who do not read the English language. By providing forms assistance, we hope to help hundreds of individuals to increase their resources by adding income from Social Security, affordable housing, putting food on the table, getting health care for their children, and finding money for college.

Who is eligible?
Anyone with a need.
How does one apply?
Call on the phone to make an appointment.

In addition to helping with forms, the staff is trained in Information and Referral and will help individuals locate programs that provide services, healthcare, or financial assistance.

Video Production

Great storytelling doesn’t end with the shoot! Some of our clients need entire videos produced – from concept through completion. iZone Corp can handle all of your video marketing needs – from design & scripting through shooting and editing.

We bring a lot of experience in video production right to your organization’s doorstep by creating powerful, award-winning marketing videos that deliver results!